-Paul Poley, Manager G. J. Oliver, Inc.

“The laser inspection process has proven to add value to our in-process and final inspection measuring capabilities. In fact it has allowed us to measure with great accuracy things that we could never effectively measure in the past. We have worked with Metro Metrology on several projects over the last 4 plus years performing inspections on our manufactured products and in house requirements such as machine tool alignments and movement verification. Every project has been met with accommodation to our schedule, professionally executed with attention to detail and with a very high degree of accuracy. The data reporting has been presented in a format that is directly applicable to the configuration of the item being inspected, what that means to me is less time and confusion trying to associate the results to the physical item.

Ed Franulovic, the owner has always applied a real attitude of professional service and is a pleasure to work with. He seems to know more about the application and use of the Faro laser tracker than anyone I have ever worked with, and yes I have worker with other laser inspection services in the past.

I would highly recommend that if you require an accurate dimensional inspection of any medium to very large component or need to adjust or confirm the accuracy of a machine tool and want someone who will truly have your best interests in mind, talk to Ed at Metro Metrology.”