Our technicians are qualified to perform in multiple different areas. Each project we are confronted with is done with the highest quality of materials. We are dedicated to complete your product beyond satisfaction.

Contract Inspection

Our measurement services include:

  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Alignment
  • Tooling Certification
  • Drift Monitoring
  • Machine Tool Qualification
  • In-process Inspection
  • Deformation Analysis
Laser Tracker Rentals
  • The Faro Ion Laser Tracker
  • The Faro Vantage Laser Tracker
  • The Faro Laser Line Probe
  • The Faro Quantum Arm
Reverse Engineering
  • Rendering solid models from point cloud data or geometric entities
  • Digitizing
  • Scanning
  • Layout
  • As-Built Documentation
Software Training and Certification

We currently provide training and certification for:

  • CAM2 Measure 10
  • CAM2 Measure X
  • CAM2 Q
  • FARO/SMX Insight

Service Pricing
  • Laser Tracker and Metrologist – $170/hour*
    • Equipment Rate – $85/hour
    • Metrologist Rate – $85/hour
    • Travel Rate – $50/hour
  • Data Reduction and Reporting – $85/hour
  • 3D CAD Modeling – $85/hour
  • Laser Tracker Certification Training – $110/hour
  • Laser Tracker Equipment Rental Rate**
    • Daily – $600/day
    • Weekly – $2500/week
    • Monthly – $8000/month
  • Tool and Jig Building Projects
    • Equipment Rate – $85/hour
    • Metrologist Rate – $85/hour
    • Tool Builder Rate – $75/hour

Prices may vary depending on your situation.

*Rate is based on a minimum of 10 hour day regardless of duration. Hourly rate will be discounted 10% for services requiring duration of 5 consecutive days or longer.

**Rate does not include shipping. Equipment is rented to certified users only. Metro Metrology can certify new users via our Laser Tracker Certification Training. This course generally runs 2 weeks, depending on the trainee’s background.

***All above pricing is in USD and does not include travel expenses. All travel expenses incurred during the job will be itemized and billed back to the customer. Overtime and weekends will be charged at time-and-a-half and holidays will be charged double-time. Fixed rate pricing is available upon request.

Contact us today for more information on any of the above services and prices.